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Common Winter Health Problems and Tips To Avoid Them

Lo and behold, for the time of winter fog and crystallized breath is here! Since winter only graces us for a small part of the year, it is normal to be excited to be wearing oversize hoodies, having hot chocolate at night, and watching movies snuggled up in the bed with your blanket and a heater by your side!

But as most things do, winter has its health problems that it likes to bring along in case you get too happy with its arrival. But luckily for you, we have taken it upon ourselves to tell you about them and how to avoid landing in a hospital ER with a respiratory infection! (ouch)  Keep reading to know the answer to your queries!

Healthy Tips For Winter

Here are some common winter health problems:

  • Asthma attacks; People suffering from asthma are very sensitive to weather changes, especially cold weather as it is dry and can cause sudden attacks which may lead to disastrous consequences if not dealt with immediately. A tip to avoid this would be keeping a humidifier by your side and never forgetting your inhaler at home!
  • Dry skin; We often welcome winter with dry flaky skin due to the drop in the water content of the air which makes our skin so dry. This can be remedied by using proper ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to lock moisture inside your skin as well as a good moisturizer that does not break you out!
  • Seasonal depression; Oh who has not been through it? Winter means cold and lonely but worry not, for you can tackle that with your favorite hot beverage and a list of happy rom-com movies meant especially to be watched in winter. So don’t wait long to watch them at this time of the year!
  • Migraines; Many people suffer from migraines due to weather changes but its effects can be lessened by having your room quiet and dark and using soothing music only meant to help your migraine go away.
  • Pneumonia; It is never too late to take precautions against the very feared disease in winters which can affect even the fittest of people if they do not take care to protect themselves against the cold which does not discriminate against anyone. Snowflakes and the cold air sure are romantic but it can turn into something ugly if certain steps are not taken.
  • Sore Throat; Avoid sore throat this winter by lots of warm beverages and maybe you may want to make them sugar free to assure you do not pack on extra weight during these months which is very usual and frequent. And even if you do, it is completely okay because you can always take steps to become the best version of yourself as long as you accept yourself as you are!

Winter and Diabetes

November marks the change of weather from chilly to mildly cold. The problem with winter months and diabetes are that people who suffer from this disease report higher levels of HbA1c as compared to warmer months. One of the reasons may be that all beverages unique to winter contain large amounts of sugar which are sure to skyrocket your random blood sugar along with happy chemicals. Hence, this is also one of the reasons why November is chosen as diabetes awareness month, to tell people to be careful about their sugar intake and make sure to exercise well and not succumb to cold and spend the day in bed!

Diabetes is no longer just an illness we randomly read blogs about or see it being about on television as it impacts a whopping number of 1.5 million Americans every year and we are not even discussing it on a worldwide scale. Every household has almost one diabetic which means their diet, weight and random blood sugar levels need to be diligently checked every day and they need monthly visits to the general physician unless advised otherwise. Hence, it is important to know what we can and not do for diabetics to have a long healthy life and a healthy winter in general. Some diabetics may develop sores on their feet during winter months due to sudden infections or lack of hygiene and as they do not feel as much pain as a normal person due to their disease, this may lead to a number of problems which may end in causing a condition called sepsis. 

So, as November is the diabetes awareness month, it is crucial to remember not only the dietary changes around this time of the year, but also checking for any sort of skin problems regularly and to take special care of hygiene since diabetics do not heal like a non diabetic.

How To Stay Healthy And Fit During Winter

We have brought together a couple of tips to help everyone have a healthy and enjoyable winter so their sinuses remain open and they do not suddenly get headaches due to the drop in temperature!

  1. Make sure to beat the winter blues through regular exercise such as jogging, skipping rope, aerobic exercise or yoga. This can be hard to carry out in winter hence leading to weight gain and higher random blood sugar level especially for diabetics, but get up and out of your bed to avoid these very common winter problems.
  2. Do not make the mistake of wearing light clothes when you should obviously be layering and hey, layering can be a lot of fun! Challenge your inner fashionista and come up with clothes that match your aesthetic as well as keep you from getting a cold.
  3. As the air may be extra dry during these months, invest in a good humidifier which keeps your skin and sinuses healthy and well moisturized, otherwise you may end up with skin problems and a blocked nose, neither of which are fun!
  4. If you have breathing problems or other health concerns, you absolutely have to pay your general physician a visit before the winter months start as they may want you to get some blood tests or check you for obvious infections. Getting a flu shot also helps with beating the cold everybody inevitably gets during these months!
  5. One way to have an amazing winter with good health is to know when to go to your doctor and ask for advice or for any ailment you feel coming on. Many people are hesitant to go to their doctors for what they deem as something minor but this can result in the problem only getting bigger and uglier. So, instead of eating an apple a day and avoiding the doctor, keep eating your apple but maybe take one for your doctor too!

Tips For A Healthy Glow Up This Winter

This year, we are all about glow ups and health so here are some tips to maximize both during these wonderful winter months so you can feel better about yourself and look your best too!

  1. Find out the skin products best for your skin. This includes knowing the type of skin you have, for example, winter impacts people with dry skin type very brutally and they need extra layers of protection around their skin to keep it healthy and glowy.
  2. Who says you can’t have fun during winters just because you need to keep a cold away? Open the doors to your closet and see what kind of colors you own! Whether it’s monochrome, pastels or dark shades, develop your own fashion sense this winter by pairing things you think look best on you and don’t forget gloves and beanies!
  3. In terms of health, remember to keep your caffeine intake in check because during winters, sometimes, we gloss over those number of coffee cups we are having a day and it may mostly be harmless, but can increase the levels of anxiety in an individual. So, to stay healthy and fit during winters, know what you’re putting in your body!
  4. To help with mood disorders around weather changes, decorate your room to be your paradise. This can be done with fairy lights and night lamps along with happy songs and a good journal to pour your feelings into.
  5. Invest in blankets, especially if you’re hypoallergenic as these can cause a severe buildup of dust and other allergens, making your breathing problems worse.
  6. If you own a pet, make sure they are clean and eating well because a cold can cause humans to be more prone to certain diseases, it can do the same to your furry little friends and it’s very important to protect them!

These were some well sought
tips on how to stay healthy and fit during winters and about common winter problems and how to avoid them. These health tips for winters can make your life a whole lot easier if you follow them and stay focused on spending the winters without any problems whatsoever!

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