Ways to Prevent mental health problem

Ways to Prevent mental health problem

Mental Health involves the overall wellbeing whether emotional or psychological. This is something which couldn’t neglect at any age of a life cycle. Our mental health influences how we think, feel and behave in our daily routines. There are multiple elements which Detroit mental health. However; there are ways which could be adopted as to prevent it.
  • Take care of yourself:

First step for wellbeing is taking care of yourself, too often we self - criticize way too much despite the respect we deserve after pulling all the cords together. Always go easy on yourself because you’re not responsible to balance the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead set realistic expectations whether they are professional or personal.
  • Disconnect from social media:


One of the main reasons is the over glamourized social media. The anxiety of catching up with the trends keep you in continuous struggle to achieve things which you wouldn’t like to do in the first place. Consider the idea to distant yourself from social media and minimize your screen time that will allow you to have a reflection of your true self instead of a comparison with the created content on all social media platforms.
  • Take a break:


Monotonous routine also plays a role in messing your mental stigma. That is why it is so important to take a break from your all-scheduled tasks and go somewhere you have never been to. Sometimes even inhaling breath on a new spot makes a pleasant difference.
  • Balanced Diet:

Physical health impacts directly and vice versa. What we eat is how we feel. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your enough hydrated but also it has the natural calming properties. It manages the anxiety level and helps in relaxation. Eat wisely as people often do stressful eating. Pick & choose food which is healthy and avoid all kinds of drugs, smoking, vaping etc.

    • Pick a hobby:

    It helps in getting the brain distracted and there are number of activities which plays a vital role in calming the anxiety and stress. For example:  gardening, painting or reading. Gardening has been a proven method of combatting stress and people feel more relaxed in landscape environment. Painting is one of the ways in which people tend to express their feeling in the art they create which also helps in omitting the anxiety they’re carrying within. Reading especially bibliographies        tend to make a difference that there were people who had difficulties and they passed through it. Multi studies suggested that fictional books narrating characters increase the readers’ sense of empathy.
      • Exercise:


      Statics has proven that activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, aerobics, walking or dancing reduce anxiety and stress and induces the heart rate which helps in better sleep. Yoga and mindful meditation also help in improving state of mind.
      • Stay away from toxic people:

      People who are flared with negative thoughts are one of the main reasons of stress. People who have unsatisfied relationships with their family, friends and community indicate toxic vibes. On the other hand, people who are satisfied have the happy vibes and those are the people which you should prefer to accompany with.
      • Gratitude:

      Too often, people only identify and highlight the bad things instead of the small little things in life. That is a reason stress and anxiety pile up within. Try to learn small random things with gratitude even a change of weather. In this way the level of personal contentment would increase.

        • Ask for help:

        Seeking help is also a sign of strength. It means you’re strong enough to combat what you’re going through instead of running from it.  It is similar as we get help in all our physical diseases. It is not to forget that treatment is effective. People who seek appropriate care recovers from all type of mental health problems and can lead successful lives ahead.

        Make these 9 points parts of your life choices and you’ll be able to kick mental health problems and have a better way of living. Also, you’ll observe that your positivity will affect everyone around you. Start today!
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