About Us

DVAGO is here to make a difference. DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts is a modern pharmacy concept where medicines are sold following the best standards. Here, we assure that everything our customers buy is 100% authentic. Availability of medicines at DVAGO is never an issue because here our customers can find medicines for every disease.

We consider medicine handling a very crucial factor for human lives so all the medicines are transported and stored under controlled temperatures. Without compromising on quality, DVAGO sells medicines at affordable and market competitive prices so that the authentic medicines stay in reach of everyone. Last but not the least, we have qualified pharmacists on-board for the best possible guidance.  DVAGO aspires to change the pharmacy landscape of Karachi.

Dvago ensures that all medicine we sell is authentic. You do not have to worry about counterfeit medicine at Dvago.

Dvago makes sure that all your medicine needs are taken care of. If there is a type of medicine that is not available, our qualified pharmacists can suggest the next best alternative.

At Dvago we make sure that all your medicine is provided at the best possible rate.

Dvago offers qualified pharmacists at all their locations. You can now come into our stores without a worry to ask for advice and our pharmacists will help you in the best possible way.

Many types of medicine are supposed to be kept in temperature controlled environments or the efficacy of the medicine decreases. We make sure that all medicine is kept in a temperature that is most suited for them.


Become the neighborhood health and wellness experts by providing products, lab and medical consultation services. We will ensure constant availability of authentic medicines and wellness products, kept affordable in ideal conditions, and delivered through expert, empathetic pharmacists.


Help create a world where every man, woman and child can truly feel well looked after.