Beurer Ultrasonic Nebulizer IH60


Beurer IH 60 is easy to use. Ensure that you only use medication prescribed or recommended by a doctor. Inhale as instructed by a doctor (i.e.appropriate medication quantity and inhalation period). Read user manual prior to first use and follow instructions and recommendations listed in it to ensure correct use of your nebuliser for the best therapeutic outcomes.

  • Relax and sit at a table in an upright position. Hold the atomiser vertically straight.
  • Preferably use a mouthpiece for most effective nebulisation. When the mouthpiece is not suitable (i.e. in very young children) or practical, use the mask. Ensure the mask is strapped securely around the head for the duration of inhalation.
  • Stop inhalation is the mist flows irregularly or when the sound changes with you are inhaling.
  • Beurer IH 60 must be switched off after 30 minutes of therapy for a 30-minute pause.
  • Ensure you follow cleaning, disinfection and general hygiene instructions and store the nebuliser as appropriate.

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