MiniMed Quick-set Infusion Sets 9mm MMT-397A


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"MiniMed Quick-set® Infusion Sets
MiniMed Quick-set® : Comfort and ease
MiniMed Quick-set® is a popular MiniMed infusion set, combining great comfort and ease of use. Its soft cannula, hypoallergenic tape and ease of insertion with the Quick-serter® device, even in hard-to-reach areas, makes it a great choice for children and adults of average to large build.

Soft cannula of 6mm or 9mm, available in various tubing lengths.
Available Quick-serter® insertion device for one-handed 90° insertion.
Convenient Easy-twist disconnection"

How does it work?

"Usage Information: The Quick-set infusion set provides the convenience of a disconnect at the infusion site and a pre-attached adhesive for a discreet, low profile design.

Available in either 6mm or 9 mm soft cannula.
90-degree insertion.
Safe Needle Disposal System.
Works with Quick-serter to provide optimal insertion.
Compatible with Paradigm Insulin Pump.
All MiniMed infusion sets tubing and reservoirs are designed with a unique MiniMed connection for a more secure insulin delivery.
For a better insulin absorption, and to help avoid insulin degradation and infusion set occlusion, you should change your infusion regularly. It is recommended to change your Quick-set infusion set every 48 to 72 hours."

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