Nestle Bunyad 260g

by Nestle
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1 in 3 kids in Pakistan (below the age of 5) suffers from iron deficiency. Nestle BUNYAD is nutrition that empowers a mother to make a difference for a better future by helping address iron deficiency.

Storage Instructions:

Store product in airtight jar. Use within 3 weeks of opening.


NESTLE BUNYAD believes that healthy children have a greater chance at succeeding in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits, and in this no child should be left behind.

NESTLE BUNYAD's mission is to strengthen the children of Pakistan by eradicating iron deficiency, for a happier, brighter future. In its mission for a stronger Pakistan, NESTLE BUNYAD empowers mothers everywhere to give their children a strong foundation for a better future. NESTLE BUNYAD is fortified with Iron and Vitamin C, so that two glasses daily help fulfil 60% of a child's recommended intake (as per Dietary Reference Intake)

How to take:

  • One glass - 2 tbsp (26g) + 180ml water
  • Not to be used to feed infants below 12 months of age. 

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