Redoxon Immunity Booster with Vit C & Zinc 15 Effervescent Tablets


Product Details : Brand : Redoxon

Item Form  :  Tablet

Primary Supplement Type : Vitamin C & Zinc

Flavor : Orange

Dosage : 1 tablet per day

Age   : 12 and above

Product : 15 Tablets

 Product Description :

Redoxon: World's Leading Immunity Support Brand

Redoxon® Double Action formula is expertly crafted with high level doses of vitamin C (1000mg), and zinc (10mg) to strengthen all three layers of the immune system. Take as part of your everyday nutrition routine to boost immunity and prevent colds, or at the onset of cold and flu symptoms to help reduce their duration and severity.

The multivitamin as has antioxidant properties for healthy cells and can be used to help improve the body’s immune response as an effective companion therapy for acute, chronic and recurrent infections such as acute respiratory tract infections.

The convenient effervescent tablets quickly dissolve in water and are absorbed easily. Enjoy 1 orange flavour tablet per day. Suitable for adults and children above 12 years old.

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