by Senior

The true classic squeeze bulb style monitor, this BP machine numerically depicts your blood pressure on a scale filled with column of mercury. This is the type of gauge most people picture when they think “blood pressure monitor” and is widely used today by clinicians for its accuracy and ease of use. The monitor consists of a bellow, the HG scale and a cuff pad, which is made of a soft elastic material, and is designed to expand and restrict the flow of blood so that the blood pressure can be assessed properly.


FDA Approved: Senior Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is FDA Approved
Quality Tested – Stress tested thousands of times
Quick and easy readings – Large high Contrast dial to for easy and quick readings
Accurate & precise, certified 300 mmHg manometer

Scale Grading 2mmHg
Measurement Range 0-300mmHg
Measurement precision +/- 3mm Hg

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