Similac Isomil 400g

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Similac Isomil is formulated with soy protein isolate, a high-quality protein that you can trust for easy digestion by infants with diarrhea.

  • It contains Intelli-Pro and Eye Q Systems that provide a unique blend of DHA & lutein; as well as AA, Omega 3&6, iron, Choline, Taurine & Zinc; to form key building blocks for brain and eye development
  • Immunify System of Ingredients include antioxidants and prebiotics to promote growth of good bacteria & nucleotides to help develop antibodies and boost baby's natural defense
  • It is clinically proven to support growth because it is nutritionally complete
  • Its palm-olein oil free formula supports improved calcium absorption and bone mineralization

Its lactose-free formula makes it suitable for infants with lactose intolerance

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